Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tonight a community meeting - raise the minimum wage to $10/hr. At the moment the new member of provincial parliament for my riding, Cheri de Novo, has a private member's bill to that effect that's made it through second reading.

The federal M.P. for the riding, Peggy Nash, has the same bill before federal parliament, and they were both at the meeting. This meeting was filled with energy, all the good Torontonians talking about how a living wage is what everybody deserves. It was one of those moments where I felt kind of proud to be a Torontonian (not something easy to achieve), with a 150 people of all different ethnic backgrounds, unionists, new immigrants, old and young all listening to each other in roundtable discussions and all sorts of enthusiasm for this new political campaign.

Well, I guess it makes sense: all the cynics stay home. The people who want to do something come out. It had this interesting, people-telling-politicians-what-to-do and not the usual other way around business. Good for you, Cheri.

Track bike!

Have you seen my black track bike around town, the one with the blue anodized rims and Michee hubs? Well, if you did, its because I've been riding it as of today. I've been trying to get that bike up and running for months now, and good for me, because it finally happened and boy was it fun!

I rode that bike for two years, came within an ace of selling it to a courier one time, then backed out the next day, and I'm glad I did. That bike is about one third lighter than my road bike and so much more fun to ride. Damn, that's good, especially in the Coldest Days of the Year, which are now upon us here in Hogtown.

Gotta go bed.

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