Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Snowy Day in the Big City

No, this is NOT my city.

1. It snowed yesterday in what was once upon a time known as York County.

2. A Dean Sighting occurred yesterday, at Adelaide West and John Street. Longtime readers of Bottombracket shall recall me writing about Dean, Eternal Cycle Courier, the man who always appears to be sponsored by Assos clothing, etc. Today, on a snowy January Tuesday I saw Dean cruising eastward on a beautiful white Cinelli track machine, with dainty rear fender to separate the Eustace Tilley of bike messengers from the slop and slush of the metropolis floor. I really need to augment this with a photo of Dean, ideally with another courier sliding along behind him with a crappy thrown-together winter work bike and clothing.

Hayward, who's been around long enough to know, calls Dean 'the last one', the last of a breed of messengers who ride only the really high end machines in absolute defiance of all economics/common sense/etc. Last spring, Dean was rolling about on a BMC full carbon track machine - even the seat was carbon. I could list the others rides of his I've seen, but that would be boring.

3. Black Chevy Suburban. I had to pull foward enough to see his face; if only I'd had a camera to capture the look absolute contempt and disgust on his tough white guy face as he looked over at me, winter cyclist and subhuman . I'd started my commute in the rushour traffic of King Street West this morning as the snow fell, keeping nicely to my curb lane gutter and fortified w. helmet and visor, when 12v Douchebag accelerates past me up to a red light, followed by another red 300 metres later. On the first one he managed to roll past the white line and into the middle of the T intersection - where out-sized 4x4 trucks BELONG, of course.

I ended up riding past him for good a few blocks later, effortlessly.

4. Slush City! Finally today I am gratified by the slush and the slop, as my front fender was in full force today. The 2-4 cm of powdery whiteness in the bike lanes is nothing to be avoided, as you can cruise right through the fresh stuff, 'specially on a fixie; the problems begin with the cars who park/stop/drive in the bike lanes and crunch the snow down, compacting it too the point where road tires just bounce over it and traction is minimized. How annoying!

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