Thursday, February 07, 2008

Something So Cool It's Almost Rediculous

This is real and it's from an art project in the Netherlands, designed to facilitate interaction between neighbours in a new neighbourhood that's been built there.

That's right, the fact that a classy working bike pump has been installed into a bike-lockable railing isn't even the point, to the designers.

That's the Dutch for you - too cool in urban design improvements to even know what to say about them...


knarf said...

It ~works~??

I figured it was just a part of the design - and that would have been great! But working?

That's so sweet.

Wonder how long that would stay a working pump here in Toronto?

Pappy said...

How long?
That is very, very good question my friend, one that I hate to think about, to be honest. They are available for order, truth be known.

knarf said...

So, when will The City be ordering them?