Tuesday, April 22, 2008

G.G. '08

It was time for Global Gutz 2008 this past Sunday aft. This time I was out for racing enjoyment and not winning, and to baptize the new track bike. And I was three for three!

It was really a blast to be back in the saddle again, careening around like a semi-madman, following a few others from Lakeshore Blvd to St Clair to Dufferin down to College over to Unie, down to the Roundhouse for the big finale. I decided to ride 'within myself' as they say, and finished 10th, which was good enough for me. The fact that Hofman made this one go uphill and then downhill did not favour the track bikes, but it was still a great time.

I wasn't going for it; once you've been off the road a good while, getting the timing right through intersections becomes a whole different thing, and it was all just too committed for the bike I was riding. There was also a big east wind to contend with on an otherwise lovely day, but that only made the battle feel like a proper battle. I beat Toby anyway, which isn't saying that much.

The cameraderie of those races and afterparties is the real joy of it - a big adrenalin blast and then the laughs later on (i.e., Pete Brewer falling on his ass crossing Lakeshore on foot - a classic ciertes).
Worldwide ranking aganst 220 riders in twenty-six cities:
105 (Pappy) Toronto 0:44:06.

And I'm fine with that.


knarf said...

The Path:

4 of the top 7, with Pete falling on his ass (he'd have finished high otherwise) and The Fastest Messenger in Toronto (Tofu, of course) awol in the Big Apple. With those two on course, we'd have done even better.

Who's the best crew in the T-dot?


Pappy said...

It must be all those 16:45 calls to pick at Mt P. six blocks north of Eg dropping at 960 Lakeshore E... put most anyone in shape Knarf.
Wait'll you see the footage from this '08 race, if you thought last year was crazy, which you did.