Monday, December 17, 2007

Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

What a snow storm!

We had 25 cm drop on the city yesterday. Marlena and I went for a long hike into HIgh Park where branches hung low with snowy boughs and redbirds dallied in sorties hither and yon above our heads in a hollow by Grenadier Pond. I made a point of stopping there as I had noticed the fine cardinals standing out against the snow last winter. Its a magical little spot removed from the wind, where the birds flutter and skirl above you onto the snowy sumach boughs.
My feet ended up good and wet from t he deep cracks in my Columbia boots - after seven years they've had it. Not that it will make me stop wearing them - bit of shoe goo and they'll be right enough.
Still, it was epic stuff for this town. I rode to work today in the sunny aftermath of it all - and the snowplows working all night. It was slushy but my deep experience in bad weather on my fixed wheel machine had me passing cars on the right without trouble. Ah, winter.

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knarf said...

Fixed gear - the only way to go in the snow!

That being said, I subwayed to work yesterday and today...