Friday, January 23, 2009

Overbooty Review

Axiom polyester vs M.E.C. neoprene - of course the neoprene is thicker and tougher and has a rubber sole. Which makes it one hell of a burden to yank on over the bike shoe as opposed to the loose and simple but only wind resistant Axiom booty.
The MEC booty sole is designed to be cut to fit the cleat of your choice and the thick rubber actually creates an opening allowing cold air to rush in. Solution: use a thick insole from a walking shoe as insulation.


Me and my camera said...

I've done both, and I didn't find the axiom-type nylon shoe cover did much of anything but look good.

The MEC neoprene booty clogs up with snow when you do even a bit of walking (at least it did when I couriered with it).

Right now I'm going with MEC neoprene socks under my regular cycling shoes. On moist (but not so wet) days I'm using the tried-and-true courier trick of plastic bags over wool socks. Keeps the wind off and the wet out!

Pappy said...

Sounds like the wise words of a Knarf.
Other MEC overbooty issue - I have to nearly kill myself just to get them on over the shoes. I mean, good god.
All hail plastic bags!